Lake Oeschinen

So last year I spent two weeks with my explorer group (and another) in Kandersteg, Switzerland. It was probably the most exhilarating fortnight of my life and although there were times when i was close to collapsing through exhaustion and one time i actually thought i was drowning it was probably the best two weeks of my life so far. Hiking was our most frequent activity during our trip, something I am inexplicably bad at, on the verge of tears the whole way up struggling, til I get to the top, look down and think ‘na, that wasn’t so bad.’ I would definitely say my hiking abilities improved during our time away, physically and mentality. I learnt that saying ‘I can’t do this’ changes nothing, I always made it to the top eventually. So here’s a brief description of the hiking we endured during these two weeks.

Our first day could be summarised in one word…. ACCLIMATISATION. The first hike we completed was not so long but ridiculously steep, I mean we could barely sit down to enjoy lunch without gravity forcing you to slide downwards. It was also completed on one of the hottest days we spent in Switzerland. In honesty I hadn’t tackled a mountain hike for atleast a year and was completely unprepared for the effect the altitude change would have on me. I felt like i was going to cry, vomit, collapse, have an asthma attack all at once. I completed the hike about 20 minutes behind everyone else feeling so annoyed at myself that I couldn’t keep up with them. Once I reached the top every bad feeling and thought I had experienced within the last 3 hours melted away under the warm sun. Lake Oeschinen consisted of a magnificent snowcapped mountain overlooking a glistening emerald lake. A scene that no picture could ever do justice for, no device could capture the beauty of what stood before us, the kind of beauty that makes you feel almost emotional. It is, to this day, the most spectacular thing i’ve ever seen. The struggle I had endured seemed like a distant memory as we relaxed, dipping our feet in the cool water and enjoyed delicious swiss ice cream. Without a doubt this was the hike I struggled with the most, but it can’t be denied that I greatly benefited from the acclimatisation, making the other hikes we completed much more enjoyable.



3 thoughts on “Lake Oeschinen

  1. This sounds and looks so incredible! I’m still doing a levels, but want to do the same as you after I have finished; travel, volunteer and blog so I really love your blog!!! Where abouts did you book through to get this opportunity? 🙂


    1. Hello! You’re so sweet! So i’ve been cramming as many travels in as possible for the last few years, this trip in Switzerland was through my explorer scouts group, we raised money by doing carwashes and bag packing in our local supermarket. If you wanna volunteer you could go through companies such as real gap or frontier but i would recommend doing your own research and booking directly to save a tonne of money. If its tours you wanna do (quick- paced travel seeing and doing as much as possible through a certain country) i went through gadventures, hope this helps sweetie!


      1. Oh wow, sounds awesome chick, and thank you! I’ve been looking into so many volunteer schemes recently, I just don’t know where to start! But can’t wait to start! (P.s Always looking forward to reading your posts when you post something new!!! Literally love your blog so much, gets me excited to just get out there see the world) 🙂


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