Halloween at JBay

My first annual holiday away from home and of course one of the best. We didn’t have a conventional Halloween, but we had such a laugh, great food, candy, face paints and practical jokes (predominately played on me.) I really could get used to living on the beach, I woke up to the sunrise, bloody early to say the least and crawled to the hostel cafe where I ate panckes, mmm. We spent the morning chilling on the beach, I could stay on the beach forever I just never get bored of it. We sang and swam and soaked up some vitamin D. Jeffreys Bay beach is insanely beautiful.


The afternoon was spent playing mini golf, something which i had never done before and no suprise- i came last. I had a lot of fun though, we went again the next day and i came second to last, i actually got a hole in one, it was a miracle.


Afterwards we wandered around the shops, Jeffreys bay really is surfers paradise, every shop is so summery and the whole place has a really chill atmosphere. I purchased a small black billabong bang, it was a great investment i have carried it everywhere on my travels. Anddddd a ‘Country Feeling’ tshirt, this is an African surf shop and the brand JBay is famous for.IMG_8215

Then it was time to get into the Halloween spirit, and how you ask? Sweets and chocolate, or how my American pal Meggie would say- Candy. One of the things I miss most about South Africa is the chocolate, one in particular- cashew and coconut dairy milk. It is seriously unreal, I stashed about 3 bars in my rucksack before coming home and ate two on the plane (whoops.) Halloween really isn’t as big a deal in SA as England or the US, there were a few sassy cats prowling round the hostel but they weren’t the friendliest to be honest. There were also mediocre decorations, fake bugs and cobwebs.


Then onto our evening, and what beats candy? Alcohol! Sweet, delicious cocktails that we enjoyed in this amazing restaurant called Ninas which I very quickly fell in love with. The food and drinks were amazing. I ate a Mediterranean burger with halloumi and Hummus and Meggie ate an ostrich burger, they were both sooo good and followed by a portion of mint choc chip ice cream. The restaurant had a really chill vibe and it was nice that we all got to spend some time together as a big group.

IMG_8151and the last step to really get into the Halloween spirit-fancy dress, well we were limited really to just face paint. And by face paint I mean liquid eyeliner all over our faces to make us look like different African animals. We had so much fun just being idiots. We proceeded to dance and play numerous games of beer bong.



Oh yeah, the practical joke, well first of all we were sleeping in a dorm with bunk beds, so we took all the planks out this guy jelle’s bed, he was top bunk, so when he climbed up and hopped on he fell right through and it made me laugh so much my stomach hurt. Then, well, once me and Meggie had decided to call it a night we got into bed and fell asleep a few hours before our fellow pals. In the early hours of dawn our friend Arran decided to run in screaming and threw something on my bed, I was so disorientated and still asleep and there were suddenly about twenty people in my room screaming and laughing, I thought it might have been a puppy but when I got up I saw that it was a plastic snake, ha ha very funny, touchy subject after my near death experience with a puff adder. Also, note to make, someone remind me never to wake a sleeping Meggie cos oh boy did she flip, our sweet little New Yorker suddenly transformed into the one and only Mean Meggie and shouted at Arran enough so he left us alone and we went back to sleep.

Our Halloween was great and unconventional, and the best thing about being hungover at Jeffreys bay is that there were adorable little puppies running round who would snuggle you and make you feel a million times better, yeyyyyy.





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