Embracing the Long Island Iced Tea queens

I wouldn’t consider myself a loner, but travelling on my own really doesn’t bother me, I can spend a lot of time alone without really needing other people around. For around the first three weeks of my Asia trip I did not push myself to spend time with others. I spent a few nights in the room on my own, reading, writing and often catching up on sleep (or resting my broken toe.) I didn’t mind because the days were so jam packed with activities and adventures that I wanted to make sure I was in top form. Well, all that changed when I met two particular girls; Bekky and Kelly, soon to become my long island iced tea queens.


I met these lovely ladies the night before we left Thailand and travelled into Cambodia, ironically I stayed in that night because I was really tired and had already explored Khao San Road. I remember feeling like it may have been the wrong decision when I looked at the photos of that night. I first properly met Kelly over dinner, I remember learning that she was a vegan and had just came out of her first long term relationship.  My first impression of Bekky was formed as she stumbled through Cambodian visa office shouting ‘I overstayed my Thailand visa!’ in a very brummy accent. What I very quickly learned about both of them is that all they wanted was to have fun and would go out of their way to make sure it happened. This was my problem, I didn’t really try to have fun, I just expected it to come to me. If I didn’t consider something the right situation to do something fun it wouldn’t happen. Once I made this change my trip became a million times better, oh the laughs we had together.


We went out partying almost every single night, even when all the bars were dead, even after our room had very nearly been ransacked, even after the longest days of walking round looking at temples and knowing we’d have to do it again tomorrow. I don’t regret a thing, I don’t regret being painfully hungover as we walked round Phnom Penh, I don’t regret some guy filming me as I vomited up some delicious country potatoes. Ah, the same night we were christened as the long island iced tea queens. To keep it short we went to a bar that had 2 for 1 cocktails, so we attempted to order 4 for the price of 2, however, the English- Cambodian language barrier got in the way and we ended up with 8 painfully strong long island iced teas. We must have drank them in about half an hour, I won’t go into the details of the rest of the night, but a bond was definitely formed between the three of us.


So many funny memories were made, demanding tuk tuk drivers to find us drunk food or clubs with white people (hahaha I know that is wrong and pretty racist but we were in fact delivered to a club with white people so we can’t be the first to have asked.) Spending all day at the dodgiest boat party, jumping from the top deck into the ocean, taking turns driving the tuk tuks ourselves, watching our vegan pal scran a whole packet of laughing cow triangles, drinking too many buckets to count and even more long island iced teas. Dancing at a party in the middle of a jungle, letting in the Luna new year, accidentally poisoning ourselves because it was too dark to see the skull on the packet of ‘flavouring’, getting rejected from a club for not being Asian, watching the city of Ho Chi Minh sparkle from a sky bar whilst having a deep and meaningful conversation, making friends with adorable Cambodian kids and even cuter puppies.


We danced until our feet bled, my favourite club was Angkor Whatt? On pub street in Siem Reap. I just can’t imagine my trip if I hadn’t met these girls, they showed me how to really enjoy life, to not take a moment for granted, we made the funniest memories in some of the most unlikely situations. And who better to spend my nineteenth birthday with? But that’s a whole story in itself. They taught me so much and definitely changed me as a person, made me less lazy. I no longer wait for fun times to come to me, wait for hilarious moments to come by coincidence, you have to party, even when your tired, even when your bed looks so comfy. My trip was nine weeks long, you can always sleep when you get home to boring England, I’d paid so much to be there, how dare I consider wasting one precious moment. I could not be more grateful that these amazing, gorgeous, hilarious girls ran into my life, we will be reunited again my long island iced tea queens. x



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