Goodbye Gap Year

A brief update on my life right now, my gap year has officially finished and I’m doing last minute preparations for my move up north to Newcastle. And by last minute preparations I mean buying literally all the things I could possibly need and frantically searching my room for my acceptance letter. Organisation was never my strong suit. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel excited for this change, time to reinvent myself, also, it’s going to be highly comical watching me try to be an adult and actually look after myself. I still have loads of gap year posts to come, so don’t think this is the end, really, I have 4 months of travel I haven’t even touched upon yet.

So, eighteen countries, twenty-three flights, four jobs and two broken bones later my gap year has come to a graceful end. I don’t have much to say about how much I have mentally and spiritually benefitted from it just yet. I guess I’m just coming down and it’s too early to recognise such benefits. I crossed a lot of stuff of my bucket list and met some truly amazing people but it’s time to move onto a new chapter. Thank you everyone who made my gap year, my family, the people I met, the staff where I worked/ volunteered and especially my grandad Gordon, who turned the whole thing from a dream to a reality. Although my memories of you are few, i’m pretty sure it was you who I inherited the travelling bug from.  I couldn’t have dreamed it any better. Planning my next trip already, talk soon, Louise.



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