Hostel Hiatus

After six months of bunk beds and outdoor showers I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pleasantly welcomed back by my own bed, a cup of tea and a slice of toast. The next day I had a roast, chicken with all the trimmings, a change from the Bahasan tofu and watermelon I had been living off. The day after that my family came around to look at my travel pics and hear all about my trip. And the day after that? Bored. Living at home, no job and all my friends at uni, it wasn’t long until I was 100% ready to leave again. It is hard when travelling comes to an end, that can’t be denyed, as much as it is nice to be back with family and home comforts you do question whether your life has as much value, boredom is inevitable. You will be effected by the travel bug, all you’ll be able to think about it when your next trip is going to be and how you will fund it. I read an amazing article on this that I will link here!

It was my auntie, a frontline observer of my boredom, who invited me on vacation to Vilamoura, Portugal, one of our favourite destinations. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this break was. In reality, there was no sunrise hikes, museums or spiritually awakening temple visits but I think that’s okay, not every holiday has to be life changing, taking the time to relax and spend time with loved ones is important. I also laughed more than I had for months during this week.

My family are very much supporters of Portugal over Spain, I must agree it is less worn out by tourism. By this I mean the hotels are a little less scruffy, the streets aren’t crowded with English accents and easily less litter. Portugal is also cheaper than Spain, meaning your money can go further, thanks to this we were able to stay in the most amazing 4 star hotel, complete with spa, golf course and champagne breakfast every day. Going abroad with my family meant one second I was sipping mateus under a parasol with my aunt and the next I was screaming laughing jumping into the waves with my nephews. Different from the trips that had come before, but unmistakably an amazing week.



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